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4-Jaw-Chuck  [162 050]

For chucking of square workpieces or eccentric chucking.
The jaws can be moved individually and reversed to achieve a larger chucking range.


Drill chuck  [162 090]
Clamping range 0.6 to 6 mm
Drill chuck

Milling Tool Set 3, 4, 5, 6 mm  [162 190]
HSS milling tools for processing wood, metals and plastic
Milling Tool Set

HSS Micro Twistdrills  [162 191]
20 HSS drills each, always 2 pcs. in 1/10mm steps
For the perfect fit of micro holes.
Twist Drill diameters:
  • art. 162 191: 0,3mm to 1,2mm
  • art. 162 192: 1,3mm to 2,5mm
HSS Micro Twistdrills 1

Fly Cutter  [162 200]

For levelling of metals, construction of fittings or accurate steps. Or for production of square, hexagonal and octagonal pieces by using the dividing attachment.
Fly Cutter

Gear Milling Head  [162 210]
homemade gear wheels. Incl. Modul 0,5.
necessary accessories for gear milling:
  • Art.Nr.162040 Dividing Attachment
  • Art.Nr.162030 Countershaft 

 Gear Milling Head

HSS - Turning Tool - Kit - 5 pcs.  [162 231]


 HSS - Turning Tool - Kit - 5 pcs

High-Speed Motor  [162 420]

20.000 rpm

High-Speed Motor

Unimat ML Countershaft  [164 035]
Precisely machined metal profiles and covers increase the accuracy and stability of the countershaft.
Ideal combination with Tailstock Full Metal (art. 164 040).
Unimat ML Countershaft

Unimat ML Riserblock  [164 036]

Ideal as intermediate part for remodeling and special machines.

  • extra strong profile
 Unimat ML Riserblock

Unimat ML Tailstock  [164 040 ]

All parts are machined precisely for accurate centre and pearl drilling.

Unimat ML Tailstock

Unimat CNC Cross Slide  [164 060 CNC]
All parts are precisely machined.
Stepper motor: 2A
Travel: 50mm
Also available with travel 80mm for z-axis (164 068CNC)
Unimat CNC Cross Slide 

Unimat ML Drill-slide with lever  [164 061]
The Fullmetal Drill-slide is precisely machined.
Hit: 40mm
Unimat ML Drill-slide with lever

Milling-Vice MetalLine  [164 090]
Milling - Vice made of tool steel.
Chucking range: 0 - 41mm
Dimension: 88 (109) x 50 x 26mm (LxWxH)
Milling-Vice MetalLine

2 position tool post  [164 110]
  • 2 position tool post (steel) 3,5 - 8mm
  • height 50mm
2 position tool post

Unimat CNC-rotating axis incl. stepper motor  [164 035 CNC]

Precisely machined metal profiles and covers increase the accuracy and stability of the CNC-rotary-attachment.

Toothed belt reduction: 4 (12:48 - module T2,5)

Unimat CNC-rotating axis incl. stepper motor

Special machine bed 330mm  [164 400]
Special reinforced profile for a higher twist resistant.
color: silver

Unimat CNC Milling and Engraving Spindle  [164 420 CNC]

This Set consists of:

  • Speed: 2000 - 15000 rpm
  • Power: 30W
  • Collet type: ER11
  • Collets useable: 1-6.35mm
  • Control signal: 24V
  • Control input: 0-5V
Unimat CNC Milling and Engraving Spindle

Precision Live Center  [164 450]

Grinded center in two special ball bearings enables higher accuracy and better stability.

 Precision Live Center

10 Precision Metal Collets  [164 460]
This brass collets allow for improved grip, durability and precision.
Diameters: 1mm, 1.5 mm, 2mm, 2.35mm, 2.5mm, 1/8\" = 3.175mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
 10 Precision Metal Collets

Unimat CNC Longitudial-slide 200mm  [164 480 CNC]

All parts are precisely machined.
Stepper motor: 2A
Travel: 145mm

Also available in 500mm (164 482CNC)

Unimat CNC Longitudial-slide 200mm

SandyBox  [LIN-EMB-S]

SandyBox provides a realtime environment to run the CNC software. By connecting to it via USB the CNC software can be accessed easily and without having to install it.

The parallel port interface allows for connection to LIN-CONTR 3 or 5 Unimat CNC control electronic.

Technical specification:

  • 1GHz CPU, 512MB DDR3 RAM, 4GB storage
  • LinuxCNC / Machinekit pre-installed (no installation needed on PC)
  • USB-to-PC  and LPT-to-machine controller interface
  • Supports  var. OSs (Windows 32 o. 64bit, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Incl. 5V power adaptor
  • Sturdy metal housing