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UNIMAT 1 Classic

3 profesjonalne dłutka do toczenia drewna [162 141]

Made from HSS carbon-steel, consisting of cropping steel, round steel and common turning gouge.

3 Professional Woodturning Gouges 1

Wał pośredni[162 030]
  • together with an other motor (Art. No. 162 420) as second driving element
  • more power for bigger workpieces or reduced speed by further gear reduction
  • clamping of the dividing attachment
Unimat 1 Countershaft

Dividing Attachment  [162 040]

Equal circle dividings for milling, drilling... e.g. for gear milling. Please mind, 2nd countershaft (Art. No. 162 030) necessary for fixing! 

Dividing Attachment

Zacisk 4-szczękowy [162 050]
For chucking of square workpieces or eccentric chucking.
The jaws can be moved individually and reversed to achieve a larger chucking range.

Szlifierka do narzędzi ze ściernicą [162 060]
Indispensable for metal turning.
Easy grinding of the turning tool in the correct angle.
Tool Grinder with Grinding Wheel

Stół obrotowy [162 070]
table support for:
  • drilling
  • milling
  • grinding
Drilling Table

Stalowa płyta czołowa [162 080]
a durable and accurate accessory
Ø 49mm
universal use for sanding or turning wood or metals pieces affixed to the plate.
e.g. for turning of egg cups
Face Plate Aluminum

Drill chuck [162 090]
Clamping range 0.6 to 6 mm
Drill chuck

Micro Clamp [162 180]
easy to use one hand clamp
Micro Clamp

Milling Tool Set 3, 4, 5, 6 mm  [162 190]
HSS milling tools for processing wood, metals and plastic
Milling Tool Set

20 x wierteł krętych 0.3 - 1.2 mm [162 191]
20 HSS drills each, always 2 pcs. in 1/10mm steps
For the perfect fit of micro holes.
Twist Drill diameters:
  • art. 162 191: 0,3mm to 1,2mm
  • art. 162 192: 1,3mm to 2,5mm
HSS Micro Twistdrills 1

Fly Cutter  [162 200]
For levelling of metals, construction of fittings or accurate steps. Or for production of square, hexagonal and octagonal pieces by using the dividing attachment.
Fly Cutter

Gear Milling Head  [162 210]
homemade gear wheels. Incl. Modul 0,5.
necessary accessories for gear milling:
  • Art.Nr.162040 Dividing Attachment
  • Art.Nr.162030 Countershaft 
Gear Milling Head

Zestaw miniaturowych narzędzi PROFSSIONAL 105 szt [162 220]
Tool set for engravings, scratching glass polishing and similar workings.
Miniature Tool Set PROFESSIONAL 105 pcs

HSS - Turning Tool - Kit - 5 pcs.  [162 231]
HSS - Turning Tool - Kit - 5 pcs

Dłuto do toczenia [162 240]
Replacement or spare woodturning gouge.
Same as the one that comes with the UNIMAT1 system.
1 Woodturning Gouge

10 szt ostrzy do wyrzynarki[162 250]
Universal blades for wood, plastics and metal.
 Jig Saw Blades 10 Pcs

10 szt papieru ściernego [162 260]
Self adhesive corundum abrasives
Grain: 5pcs. 100 and 5pcs. 150
Sanding Discs 10 Pcs 

1 x ściernica [162 270]
For regrinding turning gouges; grinding and sharpening various tools and knives.
Grinding Wheel

Zestaw części zapasowych [162 280]
Includes connection elements, drivebelt motor ventilator and extra parts such as screws,
nuts, T-slots, clamping plate, clamping jaw and more.
Highly recommended for easy re-assembly, reinforcement, assembly of several machines
at the same time, or as spare parts.
Spare Part Set

Rotary Table  [162 300]
Ẃith 2,5° Scale and fixing screw for accurate adjustement of slides or any other machine components in the desired angle.
diametr 49mm
Rotary Table

Profesjonalny wzornik [162 310]
The professional copying attachment allows for turning your chess figures into identical shapes.
No confusion at your next chess tournament.
Professional Copying Attachment

Jednostka napędowa [162 320]
The power drive for bigger and harder workpieces, more precision and a perfect finish rec.
for circle saw (Art. 162 330 Set).
12V, 5 Amps - max 12 Amps, 66W
Details see instructions Power Drive Unit (art. 162 320).
Power Drive Unit