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Micro Clamp [162 180]
easy to use one hand clamp
Micro Clamp

Dłuto do toczenia [162 240]
Replacement or spare woodturning gouge.
Same as the one that comes with the UNIMAT1 system.
1 Woodturning Gouge

10 szt ostrzy do wyrzynarki [162 250]
Universal blades for wood, plastics and metal.
 Jig Saw Blades 10 Pcs

Assorted Wood [163 120]
12 pcs Lime wood 20mm, 5 pcs Lime wood 30mm
Assorted Wood

Poplar Plywood [163 300]
4 pcs 4mm Plywood in A4 format (210mm x 297mm)
ideal for the projects of the Modeling Books VS1603 and VS1604
 Poplar Plywood

Playmat Service Parts [901 110]
Be prepared for almost all kinds of service and exchanges.
 Playmat Service Parts

PLAYMAT Flexible shaft [901 440]
 PLAYMAT Flexible shaft

PLAYMAT Collets + Tools [901 460]
Includes 4 collets (range 0.3 to 3.2 mm) and the following tools: Corundum grinding bit 6mm zylinder; brass brush; diamond burr (ball 1.4mm); drill 2mm
With these collets off-the-shelf tool bits can be used.
 PLAYMAT Collets  Tools

Workshop Modeling Book (Book No. 2) [VS1603]
Plans and projects directed mainly to the young UNIMAT1 starter.
Workshop Modeling Book Book No. 2

Wood turning and Sawing (Book. No. 3) [VS1604]
Plans, projects and useful hints for the UNIMAT1 starter.
Wood turning and Sawing Book. No. 3